Friday, July 17, 2009

Virginia Landscape

It has been a good length of time since I last posted. I have since relocated to Virginia in search of any promising prospects for art related employment. I found some time to make it out landscape painting with my lady and this is the result. It was quite nice to return to the quiet of producing artwork. I enjoy the wide range of colors this area of the country has to offer, much different than florida. Well I hope all are doing well from the class of 09'. Please leave comments, I do miss the art community we had at Ringling.



Jeanette Lyn Henry said...

awww, that was a fun day! I like how subtle this turned out. Love you,

Fala Lee Hayes said...

Hallo, Jason!

Wow, Virginia, eh? It is true, there is some rightly beautiful landscape roundabout these parts. Nice to see you've done it justice! Your painting technique has a soft beauty which contrasts your city illustrations from your thesis, but also echoes them.

West Virginia has some pretty breathtaking scenery as well. If you have a fancy for mountain biking or skiing, I'm sure my uncle, who lives there and is a trail safety advisor, would be happy to facilitate. As for me, if you and Jeanette ever feel like taking a day trip up to Maryland, I'd be pleased to give you a tour of my own town (I live about five minutes away from the historic district and your painting style would be perfect for capturing the olde-fashioned architecture and harbour setting, should you desire to bring your paints).

Hope the summer is treating you well! ::waves to Jeanette also::

Andy Espinoza said...

That's a nice painting Jason. I saw that you had a show. Congrats and I hope it went well.

- Andy